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Wordpress security issues

Recently a number of Wordpress sites have been compromised by hackers. This is where hackers manage to take control of your Wordpress site, and in some cases your server.
Hackers get control of your site either by registering on your site and leaving malicious code in the comment fields, or by trying to obtain your admin login details.

Once hackers gain control or leave a virus on your server, your back up files also become infected, which means if you try to roll back your site to an earlier day, you could be reinstalling the virus or trojan. Once this happens, it could easily take up two or three days to get the site virus-free - and Google will block your site until it is clear of viruses.

To minimise the risk of exposing your Wordpress site to hackers, we suggest you follow the guidelines below:

  1. Rename the wp-admin folder
  2. Look at upgrading to a better hosting package that offers improved security, and run anti-virus software
  3. Restrict access to the .htaccess file
  4. Install the Wordpress security plugin - Wordpress Defender Security Plugin
  5. Upgrade your Wordpress to the current, latest version

When you host your site with Attica Web Solutions, we provide the following benefits as part of the package:

  1. We can roll back a client’s site to any given date as necessary
  2. We backup our client’s website four times a day, so we can easily roll back if required
  3. We run regular virus scans
  4. We run regular malware scans

Are you properly protected against a malicious attack on your website? Click here to contact us, if you’re not sure!

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