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Web hosting and selecting a web domain name

Web hosting cover topics such us:

  • How to choose and buy a web domain name
  • How to choose a web hosting package
  • How to choose and buy a web domain name

Buying a web domain name is very crucial and should be a carefully considered marketing decision. Your web domain name should represent your brand and the product or services that you offer. For example if you had a car sales business called Harry Motors and you wanted a web site, you would perhaps choose a web domain name harry-motors.com, because it represents your brand and the type of business that you do.

Having a web domain name related to your business service or products will get you higher in the rankings when people search for your particular service or products.

As your business grows and so will your products and services. For example Harry Motors now services cars as well as sales them, he can create a sub web domain name for his car service business, such as car-servicing.harry-motors.com or he could create a new directory such as harry-motors.com/car-servicing/. This way you are making your web domain name search engine friendly and you can organise your site according to your products and services.

Purchasing a web domain name can be done through any internet hosting company such as Attica Services. It is very crucial to make sure the web domain name gets registered in your name or in your business name, otherwise you can have a website built and a domain purchased over which you have no control or any legal ownership.

Once your web domain name has been registered, nobody else can have the same web domain name as you, but people will be able to buy different variations or extensions of your web domain name. That is why Google and other companies get very protective over people purchasing web domain names that have similar spelling to their own. Sometimes, some companies purchase different web domain names that are similar to theirs to protect their brand.

In conclusion a web domain name is a very powerful tool for representing your brand on the web and to help you to improve your web site rankings by the use of sub web domain names and file directories. Also when purchasing domain names, think about protecting your brand by buying similar web domain names.

How to choose a web hosting package

There are three types of web hosting packages to choose from, which are:

  • Shared Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation data centres
  • Shared Servers are servers that are shared by more than one website and are designed for websites that have low traffic volumes and do not require much disk space or bandwidth.
    Dedicated Servers are dedicated to one website or to multiple websites owned by the same business entity. Dedicated servers offer higher disk space, greater bandwidth, a database facility and better security. The downside they are more expensive. Attica Services use dedicated servers to manage clients’ websites.

    Colocation house servers in data centres are generally aimed at customers who want to supply and manage their own servers or data facilities. Companies like Google, Amazon may use Colocation to manage their internet connections.

    Before deciding what type of server you require you must think about how much traffic you will generate per month, the size of your website, how many images and videos you will be uploading and what kind of technology you require. Basically, more disk space and bandwidth you require, the higher the cost.

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