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Case Studies

AA Computer Supplies case study

AA Computer supplies generates on average 224 visitors a day and requires a bandwidth of 4MB per month. Recently, an attempt was made to bring down the server by sending extreme volume of traffic to the server. Even though the server went down for a few hours and the problem was resolved to stop the same thing again, we have managed to maintain an uptime of 99.9% since May 2011.

MyHifi case study

MyHifi websites is about uploading and sharing free legal music to its members and the website requires a high bandwidth plus large amount of disk space to store the mp3 files. Even though the site is still in development, MyHifi choose Attica Web solutions to host the site beacause of our servers uptime and the ability to respond to critical problems very quickly.

Fizzio Active case study

Fizzio Active was a new company that was set up in July this year. I was approached by Faye from an advert that I placed with MS Chiltern Centre. Fizzio Active were looking for a local company that could host their website, but also somebody that can expalin the jargon with them and go through the options. We had to transfer their site across onto our server, set up their email addresses and optimised the web pages so that they could be indexd correctly in the search engines.

Bucks Loans case study

Bucks Loans wanted us to do Search Engine Optimisation work and put in place an online strategy and involved setting up blogs and different landing pages. The main thing for Bucks Loans was a local company that was approchable, implemented and reacted to ideas very quickly. By using our Hosting service, we could upload and install wordpress blogs very quickly.


As you can see from our case studies we host different types of websites for different businesses anything from a wordpress site to an E-Commerce site. We also react very quickly to outages or hackers trying to bring down our server. We understand that your website is crucail to your business and we manageto keep our clients websites up 99.9% over 24 hours, 366 days a year.