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Web Builder fixes Wordpress

So, problem solved, website up and running once more! Thanks to Web Builder, the thorny problem of the Volcano virus has been fixed. And, as he tells E-Marketing in this week’s Webville cartoon, the solution is all about knowing the right buttons to press!

In case you’re wondering which buttons Web Builder would have been playing with, here are a few basics he used to prevent those pesky viruses coming back anytime soon:

  • renaming key folders and files to avoid obvious words
  • checking the security of the hosting provider – and moving to an alternative, should they prove unsatisfactory
  • installing the latest security plug-ins
  • download Microsoft Security Essentials and follow the tips and advice it contains
  • open an account with Google Webmaster Tools and follow their suggestions to check your site

There’s more on following the right procedures to prevent yourself from being a victim of hacking - click here to find out more...

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