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How secure is Wordpress?

Plenty of us now create blogs and websites using Wordpress, as it is such a flexible, easy to use architecture. But how secure are Wordpress sites? Not always as secure as you would like, as this week’s Webville cartoon strip points out.

A cyber attack can take a number of forms, but the consequences are the same. Visitors to your site’s URL or web address won’t get to see your site, they’ll either get your web hosting company’s blank screen, or see something else – and perhaps that might be something quite inappropriate. You will lose inquiries, possibly orders, and your reputation is in danger of being seriously damaged. And if you’re spending on promotion either with Google adwords online, or anywhere else offline, encouraging people to visit your website, that spend is wasted so long as the site is down.

So, how can you guard against these rather unpleasant consequences? Come back the for the next episode of the people of Netland to find out!

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