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Ever been struck down by a virus?

Ever been struck down by a virus? That’s what’s happened to Wordpress, in this week’s episode of the Webville cartoon strip. The ever-helpful Web Builder is on hand with some suggested remedies.

Out in the real world, what can you do to prepare yourself against an internet attack such as a bad case of Volcano, or prevent your website from being hacked? There are a few simple steps you need to consider:

  • whatever platform you are using for your site – Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or similar – make sure you regularly check for, download and install the latest security updates and plug-ins
  • regularly change passwords and logins. Over time, login details are more likely to be shared, get into the wrong hands and be stored in an unsafe place, so a regular reset will halt that
  • run a frequent scan of your systems, and any computers that interface with your systems, using a reputable piece of software, to spot and deal with any viruses or malware
  • ensure you schedule to make regular back-ups of all your data, including your website; and test the back-ups to ensure the restore process is familiar to you, and works well
  • use Google’s website checking tools to help ensure your site is not harbouring any malicious code which may lead to it being blacklisted
  • You don’t need to do all this yourself – in many cases, a responsible web hosting provider or the company managing your website will do these things. But you need to ask the right questions to ensure they do, and that their systems are robust and ready to cope, should the worst happen.

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