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Use email marketing strategies to increase sales

Email marketing is a very powerful tool to increase your sales and to stay in contact with your customers. It is also very important to have an email marketing strategy in place.
With a good email marketing database, email data collection and email management, you can target your email customer database by location, purchasing history, amount they spend, age group, gender, how long they take to purchase from browsing to purchasing, etc.

Armed with the above information, you have the ability to send specific offers or information about new products / services via email to a specific group of people, which will help to increase your click through rate and email conversion rate.

Email is also a good way of promoting add-ons, customer marketing surveys, and customer data collection.

There are several ways to collect marketing information, other than doing marketing surveys, such as:

  • Blogs using formats such as Typepad or WordPress
  • Forums such as Ning
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • The advantage of blogs or forums, is that you can promote your own products and services through them and choose the specific customers who you would be interested in your products and services.
  • With the right combination of blogs, forums, and customer surveys, you can start building up a unique and targeted email list that can be added to your existing email database that has been generated from your website.

In conclusion, with email marketing you need a e-marketing strategy in place, that will help you build up a solid targeted email database, so that you can promote your products or services

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