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Case Studies

Bucks Loans case study

Bucks Loans initially wanted to run a email campaign to attract Introducers who would introduce business to Bucks Loans. The targeted market were Accountants, IVA companies and Debt management companies.

Once the email creative was designed, this had to be converted from an psd file to html. Also the email had to be tested to make sure that it was compatable with the different email providers such as hotmail, gmail, msn, yahoo mail etc. Emails have to be a fixed width and any CSS styling has to be done inline, otherwise the email will not open or read properly. That was why testing of the email with different email providers was important.

The email campaign also meant that we had to redesign the Introducers page to repeat the offer and to have a two click rule, which meant when you opened and clicked on the email you were taken to the Introducers sign up page. By taken the vistor to a targeted landing page increases the conversion because the visitor does not have to search the site for the offer or promotion.

AA Computer Supplies case study

AA Computer Supplies have started running monthly offers which are promoted on the site and with an weekly email campaign.

The offer email is sent out on a weekly basis using Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp provides crucial stats that show who has opened the email, how many people have unsubscribed, how many people have clicked through from the email to the targeted landing page plus other features like reporting to google analytics.

From understanding the email stats, improvements and decisions can be made about the email, website and offers.


Attica Web Solutions can provide the full Email campaign from creating the email and landing page to helping you understand the stats so that improvements can be made.