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Cowboy leaves town

So, Web Builder’s sussed out the new guy in town, and he’s down at the bar explaining his discovery to Twitter. Seems Clint, the guy who reckoned he knew everything about online marketing, was only a social network junkie.

You know the sort – they hang around on Facebook and other social networking sites, sticking up photos, liking things, looking busy and making lots of noise, but its all talk and no action. And, as it’s done with no focus, there’s no business benefit, either.

And the verdict? Well, as far as Web Builder’s concerned that Clint was most definitely a cowboy. Just shows, it’s worth checking someone new out, before falling for their spell – otherwise, you could be getting yourself into a whole lot of expensive hot water.

Want some clear, uncomplicated advice and expertise to manage your website building? Then ask Tom at Attica. He won’t feed you a line – but he really does have a team of specialists, who together can work on your website and online marketing needs – and not one of them wears a ten gallon hat!

Cowboy leaves town