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Compelling copy gets visitors

Blogs are a powerful way to give visitors really useful information. And, by telling others about your blog entries, using an integrated approach with social media, it is possible to engage with a wide audience and get their attention.
One such website tested this, with a series of three blog entries in the lead-up to a trade exhibition. The blogs explained how delegates were using Twitter, pointing out good and bad ways it was being used, and providing tips. A second blog provided links to some of those providing the most impressive tweets, and to other sites using interesting new techniques to communicate to the exhibition audience. Finally, a review round-up pointed out some of the cleverest social media happenings at the event, naming those companies who had done well.
Each blog entry was tweeted about, immediately after it was uploaded. Tracking of retweets showed how the hyperlink to the blog entries was soon in front of a potential audience of more than 10,000 Twitter users.
The results in terms of web traffic soon showed up in the site's regular Google Analytics report: site visitors increased by almost exactly 50%. Great exposure for the company, the brand and its blog – at an absolutely minimal cost!

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