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Big companies missing the impact of Twitter

Twitter was only created barely five years ago, when an enterprising group of people decided it would be great if they could send SMS messages to all their friends at once, from their computer.
Since then, it has become a new social media phenomenon: an exciting new communication platform that has plenty of potential for marketers, as well as being a fun way for everyone to tell their friends what they are up to. And bolt-ons have added to its functionality, allowing photos and videos to be uploaded and linked.
But while small, younger entrepreneurs are seeing the potential of Twitter, big companies are still missing out on the potential. The big difference with Twitter, compared with other more traditional marketing routes, is that it enables you to have a two-way conversation with customers: so rather than simply using it to shout sales messages, clever marketers are now using it to listen and respond quickly when customers moan.
So, can Twitter generate more business? The answer is very definitely yes. In one case study, West Country brewer Bath Ales used a carefully executed campaign that combined social media and a regular newsletter, to increase awareness of its beers. The result was that in the final quarter of 2010, the brewer saw a 48% increase in website traffic, and a 56% increase in online sales, compared with the previous year. Quite a result!

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