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Web Analytics

The advantage of web analytics is that it tells how your vistor found your site, which web pages or products they are interested in and which online marketing channel they came from. For example Google analytics statistics will tell you which keyword or phrases people used to find your website, which web page was viewed the most, how they entered and left your site, plus the usual stats such as number of visitors, unique visits, page views, etc.

Use of web analytics to target your market

Website statistics give you the demographics of where a visitor comes from, right down to the town and in some cases the building. By knowing which part of the country most of your online visitors are coming from, you can focus offline activities in the areas where you have the least visitors. Also with Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, you can select which area or town you want a specific PPC advert to appear and the only people who will see it, must be from your selected towns or areas.

You can create area specific landing pages for natural search, which will be picked by people searching for your products or services in the specific area you have chosen. If the SEO is done well, your landing page will have a high ranking in Google, without the need for any PPC spend.

In conclusion, understanding where your visitors are coming from can help you tweak your offline and online marketing activities, which could result you in saving money and lowering your PPC bids for certain keywords.

Use of web analytics to help in website conversion

Web analytics is also a great tool for understanding how visitors are using your website, because web analytics shows which page the visitor has first arrived at when visiting your site, and which page they exited your site. Also you know the most popular / least viewed web pages or products, how long visitors have spent on a particular web page and on your website.

If you know which product is getting the least views, this will help you in looking at ways of promoting that product, i.e. introducing an offer, making it the main item on the home page, create a landing page for PPC and natural search. Also you will know at what point people are dropping out of your shopping cart, and by making things simpler or clearer, you could improve your shopping cart conversion.

In conclusion, web analytics are very good at identifying the problem areas of your site and by a few simple tweaks, you can improve your website conversions, creating more sales and connections from visitors.


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