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Where do you go for your Mobile Apps ideas?

Web Builder’s found a new source for some inspiration – and he’s drinking from the fountain of youth by asking Apps Boy to help him out. But first, his young friend needs some serious nourishment, not least to help him grow up big and strong. Brain food? Maybe not, but then it’s more about understanding how the younger generation think, rather than trying to make them into a rocket scientist.

It’s easy to forget, but Google is still a teenager, and Facebook a spotty youth (run by people who were there themselves not long ago). So it’s well worth bouncing your bright ideas off some younger folk. Thanks to the speed of development of the internet, mobile phones and newer ways of communicating such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media, they think differently about things than those of us with, ahem, substantially more experience.

Not got your own Apps Boy to ask? No problem, contact Tom at Attica where there’s a range of real life testers ready to give you their feedback.

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