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Social Networking - Who do you use?

E-commerce and Web Builder are enjoying a swift drink at the bar, when Web Builder suggests introducing his new social networking expert. And E-commerce is all ears, suggesting he’s invited along for a pint and a chat. Except that’s no good – he’s a child prodigy, and so not yet old enough for a bevvy!

And that’s the challenge of cutting edge online marketing, particularly using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare. Do you go for the old hand, who has years of experience and knows traditional marketing approaches inside out? Or the bright young thing, who takes to new media like a duck to water – but probably needs some coaching to understand what’s important in terms of marketing messages.

There’s no simple answer. One route risks missing out on the latest trends in social media, or seeing these new platforms simply as ways to broadcast sales messages. The other puts your reputation on the line, if your young assistant can’t adhere to that important mantra “Don’t be stupid online”. If you’re struggling with the decision, get in touch with Attica, where we can help you discuss your options, and maybe even create you a team that combines youthful enthusiasm with the wisdom of years of experience.

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