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Finding the right person for the job

Ever been introduced to an “expert” only to have their apparent lack of expertise quickly remind you of the old adage that “expert” is a two-part word combining ex – meaning a has-been – and spurt, which is a drip under pressure?

Well, maybe Web Builder is about to come to that conclusion, as he lets Twitter know about a new guy in town. Seems he’s telling everyone that he has every aspect of web development and online marketing sewn up.

In truth, we all know that online promotion and marketing – just as old-fashioned marketing – is a broad church. There are plenty of specialists, and in practice a few generalists, who will ultimately need the support of experts in specific niches. To get all the angles right usually demands a multi-displinary team, resulting in a solid result.

But Twitter’s already spotted the spaghetti western link – the guy’s called Clint! Will he turn out to be a bit of a cowboy, perhaps?

Wondering about whether that “expert” who’s offering to help you is wearing a metaphorical cowboy hat? Then call Tom at Attica – he’ll tell you what he’s really good at, and introduce you to his trusted, experienced colleagues for the areas of online marketing where he knows his professional limits.

Expert or cowboy